Conor SouthPawBrown has been audibly serving diverse crowds for over 5 years. In and around the province of Ontario, “SPB” has the versatility to adapt in all types of crowds and settings. Clients anywhere from Cystic Fibrosis Canada to Tiger Beer can attest to his service and skills.

A true music connoisseur, SouthPawBrown enjoys introducing audiences to new sounds with his arsenal of content, and delivers fresh sets with his customized, on-the- fly four channel mixing. Whether it’s hip-hop, breaks, jazz, or funky house, SouthPawBrown always delivers a unique personalized sound that meets the needs of each client.

Now based in the heart of downtown Toronto, Conor launched his first company, “SouthPawBrown Media” in January 2011. In addition to audio services, SouthPawBrown Media also offers equipment rentals, music recordings, and brand and product development. From online, print, and electronic media to mainstream broadcast, SouthPawBrown Media can help deliver your creative project from start to finish.

With an original sample library, a digital cataloged collection of vinyl and a whole whack of mixtape series in the works, is only a the beginning of its collective exploration. Young
and hungry to share his work, SouthPawBrown hopes like-minded music lovers will find their creative freedom thrive in this environment as it continues to expand.

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