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about me

My name is Zaur Aliyev and I’m a designer/front-end developer with over a decade of experience

Being a designer doesn’t just mean that i make things look pretty. Design is solving problems through iteration and focussing on user experience, and usability. If you think that you can design in isolation, and come up with working user experience design simply by thinking it through, you probably aren’t a great designer, or at least not as good as you think. You need to talk to your users, involve them into your thinking process before you design. The of course you need to test your design throughout the process with your users. Do this testing while the project is in the wireframe stage otherwise it will end up costing you lots of time, money and there will be lots of technology related limitations once it is built.


Don’t forget: Good designers can rely on experience to a certain degree to arrive at the right design, but beware of designers that think they are always right – it’s a sure sign that they aren’t getting enough client and user feedback, and that their design solutions aren’t as good as they think. You might have years of experience but you need to talk to your users before you start on a new project, remember every project is different so you can not apply your research from one project to another.


I am always researching better and more efficient ways of completing a task, and I love learning about a new technology and tools. As someone wiser than me once said, “Design is not just the way it looks but the way it works” this quote is why i love designing clean, simple, minimalist, responsive websites, apps and user interfaces.

Website & App Design

As a user experience designer, i design and develop responsive, mobile friendly, minimalist and clean looking websites and apps.


I have extensive knowledge and experience with Accessibility Standards, WCAG 2.0 Level AA criteria under AODA in Canada, and Section 508 under ADA in US.


I am passionate about the things i build. Design is like a Jenga game, you take away the elements until it falls apart, then put that last piece back.


With over 15 years of experience, i’ve designed websites and apps, across platforms and devices—and around the world.

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I'am more than happy to help. Give me a call or just drop a message & i'll get in touch with you soon.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada